We are an outsourced accounting and financial reporting service catering small to medium-sized businesses across all industries. We can help any business from the small start-up to the well-established venture, from the self-funded to the crowd-funded, to the institution-backed company.

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What We Do

Tax & Accounting

  • Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Partnership Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning and Strategy
  • I.R.S Audit Representation


  • Financial Compilations
  • Monthly or Quarterly Financial Reporting
  • Customized Financial Reports
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Real Time Reports

Bookkeeping & Payroll

  • Transaction Data Entry
  • Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Month-end Closing


Cloud Accounting Solution

  • Client Assessment
  • Workflow Design
  • Implementation & Training

XEPO Setup
& Conversion

Cloud Accounting Solution

At SKM Pros, we’ve been in the business for close to 15 years and have adopted cloud technology.  Whether you are converting into Xero or setting up your first accounting system we are here to help.

We use Xero because it allows us to collaborate with our clients and provide a seamless approach to your accounting. Xero works with a myriad of different apps specific to various industries, most likely your industry as well. This technology enables to automate most of your business processes regardless of your size or industry. With SKM Pros you get an eco-system of cloud solutions to streamline your entire business, more than just accounting.



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